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The new release, Between Time and After, performed by percussionist Michael Jones.

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Garland's The Basketweave Elegies: Studio Performance by Michael Jones

Percussionist Michael Jones performs works by Matt Sargent and Peter Garland. This captivating release features Sargent's Between Time, a solo work incorporating fourteen layers of bowed vibraphone and glockenspiel, and Garland's nine-movement work The Basketweave Elegies for solo vibraphone.

   Between Time and After Cover

As Before: The Solo Percussion Music of David Macbride performed by Joseph Van Hassel.

As Before: The Solo Percussion Music of David Macbride is a wonderful survey of David Macbride's percussion music. As quoted by Alex Ross of the New York Times, "Macbride achieves a remarkable balance of technical rigor and free spirited invention" while acknowledging that Macbride contributes "a distinctive voice in American music." This great release can be purchased here!

As Before Cover

At Seventy: The Percussion Music of Stuart Saunders Smith

"This beautifully produced, annotated, and recorded set challenges, pacifies, and excites in equal measure. A major release." - Colin Clarke, Fanfare, March/April, 2021.

This incredible retrospective of Stuart Smith's percussion music can be purchased here.
At Seventy: The Percussion Music of Stuart Saunders Smith, a six disc retrospective disc set, is a comprehensive look at the vast percussion repertoire composed by Stuart Saunders Smith. This exciting release features performances by Ron Coulter, Justin DeHart, Rob Falvo, Lee Hinkle, Paul Hoffman, Brian Johnson, Ayano Kataoka, Payton MacDonald, Mark Menzies, Thomas Moore, James Ostryniec, Stuart Saunders Smith, Sylvia Smith, Barbara Thompson, Berndt Thurner, Jude Traxler, Joseph Van Hassel, Thad Wheeler, Julia Whybrow, Aurora Borealis, Blue Ridge Percussion Trio, The Hartt Graduate Percussion Group, McCormick Percussion Group and Rrrr... Percussive Theater.

At Seventy Cover

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